Faithful Innovation Grant

Cyclical San Diego exists to further the ongoing lifecycle of starting new churches. One expression of this mission is our new Faithful Innovation grant, which is being made available through Cyclical San Diego and the Presbytery of San Diego, in partnership with the Synod of Southern California and Hawaii.

A few important notes about these Faithful Innovation grants: 

  • Only Starter churches within our Cyclical San Diego network may apply for these grants. While we encourage innovative thinking for established churches looking to vitalize their ministries and appreciate other church-starting networks, the scope of these grants is limited to Starter churches who are active participants in our Cyclical San Diego network.
  • These grants may be awarded a maximum of one time during each calendar year for any Starter church.
  • Each application will be reviewed by the Cyclical San Diego committee and may be granted fully or partially, if awarded.
  • These grants are intended to fund new Shalom Initiatives — specific endeavors by your new church to reach, serve, and witness to those outside of the church through justice, evangelism, and other ministry approaches. 
  • Starter churches may apply for grants up to $10,000. Cyclical San Diego and the Presbytery of San Diego may fund up to $5,000, which will be matched by funding from the Synod of Southern California and Hawaii.
  • If your Starter church has already received funding from the Synod within the last 12 months, you may apply for this Faithful Innovation grant if you can demonstrate that this particular Shalom Initiative has not been previously funded through the Synod. 
  • Recipients of this grant will be required to: 1. Submit a one-page summary of how these funds were utilized and 2. Share a 10 minute presentation with the Cyclical San Diego committee.

If your Starter church is interested in applying for this Faithful Innovation grant, please email our director at to begin the process.