The cycle begins with discerning a call to starting a new church.

This holy process can be simultaneously exhilarating and overwhelming. We invite discerners into two requirements to work through all aspects of discerning a call to start a new church.

First, we invite you to join a discerners group.

We have found that the work of discernment is best developed in a community of like-minded people. Thus, we invite you to one of our discerners dinners. Please send us an email if you’re interested in attending. At these dinners you will cross-pollinate your discernment process with others who are in a similar season of life.

Second, we invite you to begin a relationship with one of our coaches, therapists or spiritual directors.

This monthly meeting will allow you to discuss the nuances of your process of discernment with a thoughtful and caring expert. These relationships create space for focused conversation, whole-life health & mission, and wise outside perspective.


As part of this community, Discerners will:

1. Begin to develop a vision.

A vision for a new church often begins with the discerning church starter. As our discerners listen and pray, we encourage them to begin to frame their vision for the context in which they find themselves.

2. Identify resourcing partners.

Different leaders require different levels of resources based upon numerous elements. As these elements are perceived, we encourage our discerners to grow healthy relationships with their partners.

3. Identify a tradition.

Starting a new church is difficult. Starting a new church without a tradition is even harder. Thus, utilizing our extensive networks for identifying a fitting tradition is essential for support and growth.

4. Attend an assessment center.

Our assessment center for Cyclical SD measures one’s ability to identify what God is doing in context. Plan on walking the streets and engaging the Holy Spirit while a caring group of objective assessors gauge aptitudes essential for starting new churches.

5. Begin to gather a church starting team.

We can’t do this alone. Thus, beginning to gather a team around a common and shared vision is an essential step toward becoming a church starter.