Core Values

The culture of Cyclical SD is shaped by twelve core values.

Mission: We believe in God’s love for the world…


Courageously initiating new faithful innovations out of existing innovations.

Contextual Leadership

Prioritizing and investing in decentralized, Spirit-led, load-bearing leadership through discipling practices.


Building diverse ecosystems is a reflection of God’s purpose and foretaste of the coming, fully realized Kingdom.

Hopeful Transformation

Partnering with God and others to inspire faithful innovation in the mission of God towards the renewal of all things.

Personal: … inspiring faithful innovation…


Taking genuine interest in and being transformed by the people, communities, and stories in our contexts.


Surrounding ourselves with rituals and people that remind us that we are holistically loved as children of God outside of our professional roles.


Making consistent efforts to experience forgiveness and reconciliation in order to establish new patterns for relationships that honor integrity.


Resisting shortcuts and faithfully disciplining ourselves in Jesus’ way as we patiently anticipate God’s activity.

Administrative: … through the Church.

Multi-tiered Relationships

Connecting on multiple levels for mutual kinship, accountability, and support.


Discerning and engaging with the Holy Spirit through each life cycle of faithful innovation.

Shrewd Risk-taking

Leveraging unique opportunities to expand faithful innovation.


Communicating stories of God’s activity across multiple platforms in order to develop new connections and inspire hope.