The natural, historical cycle of God’s mission continues through churches in the third stage of our threefold cycle.

Discerners become starters, and starters start churches. These churches, as time passes and as God blesses, move into moments of sustainability — in mission, administration, and the health of the leadership.

It is on the journey into sustainability that churches have a key choice: Churches can take a holy risk and start new churches or miss out on this opportunity.

At Cyclical SD, we believe that the choice to begin new churches is not only the best decision, but also a natural step in the ongoing lifecycle of the church.

The task of beginning a new church can be a fearful experience for churches, especially in times where resources — both human and financial — can feel strained. We get this. Cyclical SD works with established churches both to cultivate imagination for starting new churches and to equip them for this mission.

To simplify the task, we have developed a three-phase framework that all churches can use to accomplish this one goal — to identify a potential church starter, someone who you would like to invite to begin in the process of discerning a call to start a new church.


Cyclical’s three-phase framework for existing Churches to help start a new church:

1. Gather a team to identify potential church starters.

This group is essential as they identify people to invite to begin discerning becoming a church starter. Church starters are diverse and come for various backgrounds, vocations and cultures. Choosing the right people to be a part of this team will be essential as they engage with the Holy Spirit with regard to inviting people to discern church starting.

2. Choose your Cyclical SD coach.

Cyclical SD has coaches who specialize in working with existing churches. Your coach will lead you through your process of discernment.

3. Identify the potential church starters.

In coordination with your coach, Cyclical SD invites you to strategically ask the right people from your context to begin the discernment process with regard to starting a new church. Once the invitation is accepted, that person begins as a Discerner with Cyclical SD.