Cyclical SD Stories: Ebenezer Church

Our friends at Ebenezer Church have just been featured in a new video and article by the Presbyterian Mission Agency! In the video below, the powerful impact of Ebenezer’s ministry can be seen in the stories of local partners such as Stephanie Brown (Principal of Montgomery Middle STEAM Magnet School) and Christopher Nayve (University of San Diego’s Associate Vice President for Community Engagement). Cyclical San Diego is thankful to come alongside Ebenezer Church’s faithful participation in the mission of Jesus in their context.

From the article on the Presbyterian Mission Agency site:

As an immigrant from one of the poorest countries in the world, Musicha recognizes that he didn’t get here by himself. He was helped. So, when he looks at the work he gets to do in the neighborhood, he says, “I am a man paid in full.”

It’s from the overflow of understanding that, he explains, that makes him want to say to others that “a better way of doing life in this country is possible.”

“No immigrant goes anywhere without hope,” he says. “I want to remind each of them, the thing we hope for is actually possible and it is inevitable.”

For Stephanie Brown, knowing that Musicha and Lester has a similar belief to hers in their life purpose makes her emotional “The tears are there because I feel so passionate and so grateful,” she says. “I don’t think everybody gets to be in a position where they get to show up for work every day and live out their purpose, and I think that’s what brings me to tears.”

Co-pastors Noel & Jeremiah will be featured storytellers this weekend at the Cultivate Conference. If you’d like to support Ebenezer, or any of our Starters, please drop us a line at